It may seem like you'll find blank slates on the site, that's because the site was basically just recently created and is STILL WORKING ON IT.

I am gradually adding things, mainly regarding Slavic deities, the annual round of the ancient Slavs and, of course, contributions regarding planned or past events....


  So I guess like this. First of all, one must realize that a person is a conscious being (well, at least most of the time) and self-awareness also includes being aware of one's surroundings, both in a narrower and a broader sense. I guess we can agree on that. From this realization comes tangible knowledge and intangible faith on the one hand. And here we have the beginning. FAITH.

Don't celebrate HALLOWEEN, it's not our SLAVIC holiday!

 Oh my, I sighed when I caught such a terribly offended expression somewhere. Of course, it continued with the fact that it is a terrible American and Germanic holiday, so we Slavs...

"The Magical Release of the Kite: A Connection with an Ancient Tradition"

Kites and lanterns of light, ideally created by our own hands, are now considered children's entertainment, but what if I told you that these flying beauties can be more than just innocent play? Consecrated moments, full of contemplation, can connect our world with the world of the gods and ancient traditions.

The AUTUMN EQUINOX is coming soon.

At the time of the autumnal equinox, a sacred fire was drawn and brought into the abode. Many rituals were associated with this day as well as the following period, about which we will talk a little more.

ROŽANICE - judges

During the day, if the sun shines, it can be quite warm, but as soon as Dažbog's disk hides behind the horizon, it can be quite cold outside. In the old days, old grandmothers used to sit on the front porch and enjoy the last rays of the sun. This period used to be called  GRANDMOTHER SUMMER. (BABIE LETO) In fact, this part of the year got its name not so much because of the grandmothers in the front yard, but because it was a period dedicated to ROŽANICE.

HARVEST - giving thanks for the harvest

Nowadays, we are not very aware of it, but just like in the past, we are dependent on agricultural crops. Our ancestors were much more connected to Mother Earth. However, this did not only concern hard work, but also the perception of natural changes in one's surroundings.

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